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ISO 9001

JSC “Libra Vitalis” is an innovative company, so,implementation of ISO 9001 qualitysystem in 2010 has enhanced an image of the company as a reliable partner whichis not only seeking short-term profit, but is also focused on long-term goalsand the quality.

The company was in search of the opportunity to servenot only local, but also Western markets, to facilitate export procedures. The introducedquality system has made the company's internal procedures better, its management– more efficient. The organization's goals and objectives have become moreexplicit for its employees; job descriptions, processes, operations have been clearlydefined. Now, every employee knows what is expected of him/her. The time for adaptationof new employees at work is shorter. Morality at work, attitudes, and commoncorporate culture have boosted.

Clients may have a greater confidence in the productswe offer and the quality of performance. Customers choose suppliers carefully, optfor reliable and well-run companies only. JSC "Libra Vitalis" is focusingon the needs of clients. Experience has shown that ISO 9001 certification isnot only a substantial argument of a company's performance quality, but also isa chance for the company to offer fair prices in customers’ procurement tenders.

Award of JSC "Libra Vitalis with ISO Certificate meansunbiased assessment of its performance approved by independent experts. This isproof that the company meets international standards.




JSC “LibraVitalis” implemented FSC and PEFC standards and was granted thecertificates in 2012. This assures that our clients, upon implementation of FSCand PEFC standards, have the chance to get FSC- and PEFC- certified paper,paperboard and binding materials from a local supplier.
VAT invoices accompanying the goods purchased show the clients which of theproducts bought is certified under the FSC or PEFC system.
Sales managers of JSC “Libra Vitalis” will provide detailed information about FSC-or PEFC-certified products of JSC "Libra Vitalis.”





About ISO 9000 (Quality Management System)

The family of quality management systems‘ standards. Compliance with ISO 9000 family standard does not necessarilymean that a product or service is of good quality. This is just one of themanagement and control standards. ISO 9000 is supervised by ISO, theInternational Organization for Standardization and is administered byaccreditation and certification bodies. Requirements of ISO 9001 (one of theISO 9000 standards) include: procedures covering all key business processes; controlprocess to verify effectiveness of the procedures; keeping relevant documentation;defect inspection, their correction if necessary; continuous review of separateprocess and quality system efficiency; continuous improvement.

A company or an organization that has been verifiedand approved as complying with ISO 9001 may publicly declare holding the ISO9001 certificate or registered under ISO 9001.

More information about ISO on http://www.iso.org.


About the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

The ForestStewardship Council a global, independent, not-for-profit and multi-stakeholder organization, founded in 1993for promotion of responsible forest management worldwide in terms of environmental,social and economic issues. FSC'svision - The world's forests meet the social, ecological, and economic rightsand needs of the present generation withoutcompromising those of future generations.
FSC has approved10 forest management principles to be applied in certification of any forestmanagement worldwide.
Timber, unlike other natural resources, is a rapidly renewable one – paper conifersgrow over 20-30 years; in warmer climates, eucalyptus grows even faster. Paper productioninvolves wood not suitable for construction or sawmill waste. A forest is to becut in accordance with the agreed procedures, replanted, and regularlymaintained. FSC procedure is a production chain standard, since a material or aproduct, that meets FSC standards, is identified throughout processing.

Moreinformation about FSC on http://ic.fsc.org/.



About PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

PEFC certification assures that fibre obtained solely from sustainable forestsis used to produce paper in compliance with rules for protection of forestresources and requirements for economic and social welfare of population.
FSC and PEFC certificates are granted and advice is provided by SGS SA.
More information about PEFC on http://www.pefc.org/.




Preservationof a clean and healthy natural environment under the conditions of a rapideconomic development is one of the key challenges of today’s globalisingsociety. Polluted air and water, acid rains, dying forests, global climatechange, ozone layer depletion – this is just a piece of the major environmentalproblems.

Anincreasingly growing production is becoming more and more harmful to theenvironment and the human being. Environmental pollution has reached the extentthat makes it impossible to further ignore the continuous increase inenvironmental issues and simply enjoy the expanding economy. After the collapseof the hope that science and technology may help to solve all the current andfuture problems of mankind, the resulting ideological emptiness has been successfullyfilled in with the idea of ​​sustainabledevelopment. The stage of harmonization of human-and-nature relations has begun.It concept is “Nature and humankind are equalpartners.”

JSC “LibraVitalis” supports this idea as well. The company is building relations uponopenness, trust, and responsibility for the environment, while its activities areaimed at the reduction of environmental issues.

JSC“Libra Vitalis”:

      seeks all its processes and products to be safe and havea minimal negative impact on the environment;

      cuts wastage and improves waste management;

      there is no need for buyers of printing materials totake care of the use of these materials in waste production, since the companycollects the waste produced: developers, used flushing fluids, contaminatedpackaging, used rags;

      harmonises environmental policy with the company's ISO9001 quality policy;

      complies with the FSC and PEFC production chainstandards in all areas of its activities;

      offers FSC- and PEFC- certified products to clients;

      complies with legal requirements applicable to the companyand to its environmental aspects and meets other assumed obligations;

      rationally uses non-renewable natural resources;

      whenever possible, acquires advanced technology andequipment;

      improves staff awareness of environmental issuesrelated to the company’s activities;

      assesses an environmental impact of new projects;

      informs society as well as existing and new employees,suppliers (contractors) and clients of environmental activities of JSC "LibraVitalis.”



Thelicense for the management of hazardous waste:


Smiltyne recreation

UAB Libra Vitalis with its customers: coated paper - MaxiGloss, MaxiSatin, MaxiSilk, offset paper - MaxiOffset, copy paper - "Future buyers (printing and office paper users), and UPM -Kymmene group in 2008 held a humane action "Atsodinkime Smiltynė burned," which was contributed by the beautiful park Lithuania replanting.

In May 2006, a century fire destroyed about 200 hectares of forest in this unique park.

Firefighters from across the country took more than a day, handled by the flames. In a very short time a fire destroyed part of the Curonian Spit National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, protected by the unique beauty of the Curonian Spit. Sand dunes of the peninsula, pursuing up to 60 meters in height, in the Baltic Sea extends nearly 100 miles. Some places it is only 400 meters wide, the other its width is approximately four miles. Wind and water are natural enemies of the Curonian Spit - from the formation of the peninsula has moved several hundred meters

photos of Gražulevičius

The maximum input

"Libra Vitalis and UPM aims to plant about 150,000 trees - covering about 30 hectares in area - the goal of this campaign. For every "Maxi" and "Future" paper tone, which will sell in Lithuania Igepa Group dealer paper, he presents 10 trees. UPM supports the project start-up fund.

"The fire was Smiltyne Lithuanian national disaster" - explains Jurate Ramaškaitė at the head of "Libra Vitalis printing paper division. "Forest area is not only a unique example in the Baltic countryside, but also has significant recreational value of all Lithuanians. Close relationship with the forest and nature inspired us, paper wholesalers, to help in this area. "

The official campaign was launched in Lithuanian musicians Project Drum Party 'wild cannonade of drums during the official ceremony, art gallery, the "Gateway", the Old Town. "Libra Vitalis customers - including printers, specialty retailers and businesses - has been open to the idea of ​​catch and" Libra Vitalis team enthusiasm. We hope that commitment will continue, and that beautiful corner of nature balance will be restored.


Action "Atsodinkime burned Smiltyne" actively participated in and contributed to the noble goal of our 153 customers.
Thank you for these and all
other clients.

UAB „Logotipas“,
UAB „Maxima“,
UAB „Standartų spaustuvė“,
AB „Spauda“,
UAB „Panevėžio spaustuvė“


UAB „Arx-Baltica“,
UAB „Senukai“,
UAB „Sanitex“


UAB „Jokužio spaustuvė“,

Objective was achieved - 30ha burnt forest replanted on the Curonian Spit National Park, which grow 150,000 pine seedlings.

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